Director, Internal Audit

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Position Summary Under the general direction of the Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, the Director, Internal Audit is responsible for the development and administration of the District’s overall audit program. The purpose of the audit program is to assess, report on, and make recommendations for improving the District’s key operational and financial activities and internal controls. This position also functions as the District’s Conference Officer.Essential Functionsxe2x80xa2Develop and recommend an annual internal audit plan for approval of the SVP, CFO and Audit Committee. Use of a risk-based analysis approach to determine areas of focus. Ensure that higher risk areas are covered in the audit plan placing particular emphasis on the protection of District assets and adherence to financial policies. Review audit findings with the SVP, CFO for approval prior to issuing audit reports.xe2x80xa2Provide audit support to the external auditors in conjunction with the annual financial audit.xe2x80xa2Obtain the required number of training hours annually to stay current on the standards for the professional practice of internal auditing so the work performed for the external audit can be relied upon by the external auditing firm.xe2x80xa2Advise management when current practices are not consistent with company policies, or fail to provide necessary controls or factual records.xe2x80xa2Collect, analyze and document information to support audit results.xe2x80xa2Review operations to ascertain whether results are consistent with established strategies and goals and whether operations are being carried out as planned.xe2x80xa2Establish audit policies, programs and procedures which result in efficient, complete and factual reviews being completed in an appropriate amount of time with minimal disruption to operations.xe2x80xa2Furnish management with objective analysis, reporting of deficiencies, and making recommendations for improvements to operational and financial activities and internal controls.xe2x80xa2Review the reliability and integrity of financial and operating information and the means used to identify measure, classify and report such information.xe2x80xa2Review systems established to ensure compliance with policies, plans, procedures, laws and regulations which could have a significant impact on District operations.xe2x80xa2Ascertain that District assets are properly accounted for and are adequately safeguarded from loss.xe2x80xa2Review and validate cost of living adjustments to be granted to defined benefit pension plan recipients.xe2x80xa2Review and validate retirement benefit calculations for accuracy.xe2x80xa2Follow up to ascertain that appropriate action is taken on reported audit findings or that management has assumed the risk of not taking corrective action.xe2x80xa2Conduct special studies of specific operations requiring the development of data, interpretation of intangible or unusual factors, summarization of findings and presentation of recommendations and suggestions.xe2x80xa2Conform to the standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and IIA Statements on Internal Auditing Standards.xe2x80xa2Fulfill responsibilities common to all Supervisory, Professional and Administrative positions as stated.Required for All Jobsxe2x80xa2Perform a variety of other duties as assigned.xe2x80xa2Understand and comply with all District policies and procedures.Minimum Requirementsxe2x80xa2Minimum of 5 years of experience in accounting of which three (3) years is in internal or external auditing. RequiredKnowledge, Skills, and Abilitiesxe2x80xa2Proven technical accounting experience; Working knowledge of FASB and GASB accounting standards.xe2x80xa2Knowledge of theory, principle and practice of auditing, including methods and procedures used to examine, verify and analyze operational records, statements and reports.xe2x80xa2Excellent analytical skills, including ability to research issues to resolution.xe2x80xa2Experience in analyzing and establishing financial controls.xe2x80xa2Ability to prepare clear, concise, and professional audit reports.xe2x80xa2Excellent interpersonal skills to work with individuals from various levels within the District as well as external customers, auditors and others in a professional manner, regardless of provocation.xe2x80xa2Proficiency in computer software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and knowledge of enterprise software.xe2x80xa2Experience with SAP is preferred.xe2x80xa2Ability to learn new or upgraded computer software as required.xe2x80xa2Knowledge of defined benefit pension plans is preferred.Educationxe2x80xa2Bachelor’s Degree in accounting. RequiredLicenses and Certificationsxe2x80xa2Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Upon Hire Preferred orxe2x80xa2Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Upon Hire Preferred orxe2x80xa2Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Upon Hire PreferredPhysical Demandsxe2x80xa2Stationary Position – Frequentlyxe2x80xa2Move/Traverse – Occasionallyxe2x80xa2Stationary Position/Seated – Frequentlyxe2x80xa2Transport/Lifting – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Transport/Carrying – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Exerting Force/Pushing – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Exerting Force/Pulling – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Ascend/Descend – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Balancing – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Position Self/Stooping – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Position Self/Kneeling – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Position Self/Crouching – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Position Self/Crawling – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Reaching – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Handling – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Grasping – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Feeling – Rarelyxe2x80xa2Communicate/Talking – Constantlyxe2x80xa2Communicate/Hearing – Constantlyxe2x80xa2Repetitive Motions – Occasionallyxe2x80xa2Coordination – OccasionallyPhysical and Environmental Requirementsxe2x80xa2Office: Work is primarily performed in an office setting amid normal conditions of dust, odors, fumes, office lighting and noise.Hybrid Flexible Work ArrangementJob may be eligible for a hybrid in-office and work from home flexible work arrangement.*Please ensure the application is filled out thoroughly to be considered for this positionAn Equal Opportunity Employer xe2x80x9cMinority/Female/Disabled/Veteran/Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation”

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