Certified Medical Assistant

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An employer is looking for a Medical Assistant OR LVN to work in a call center environment in the Beverly Hills, CA area. This individual will be cross-trained on their two departments – the clinical care team and the virtual evolution team. This person will be responsible for answering inbound calls on the clinical care team where they will be registering patients, scheduling appointments, entering insurance information, referral statuses, assisting calls about test results, imaging, and taking notes of patient symptoms. This person will also be responsible for outbound calls on the virtual evolution team where he/she will be calling patients 1-3 days before their virtual doctor appointment to “virtually room” the patient by prepping charts with patient reported information. This will be for PCP and multiple specialty clinics in the area. This position is fully on-site for some of the training (typically 3-6 weeks depending on performance) until it goes fully remote.

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