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Let me open with – Every other Friday is a paid day off + 10 Paid Days Off + Paid Major Holidays. We give away between $1500-$3000 in gas cards, gift cards, etc monthly based on attendance. We also have accruable cash benefits you can use to redeem for literally anything (Tires, Clothes, Vacations, You Name It) called Bodyshop Cash. YOU WILL DRIVE TO A NEW LOCATION EVERY DAY. YOU WILL NEED YOUR OWN TRANSPORTATION. SOME DAYS CAN BE 60-80 MILES ONE WAY. YOU ARE PAID FOR THE TRAVEL TIME, BUT WILL KEEP YOUR MILEAGE DEDUCTIONS. We are a growing multifaceted wellness clinic that specializes in off site clinics as well as Telemedicine. This is a 40 hour a week job, Mon-Friday. Your region would be the North Texas area (Denton, Ardmore, Sherman, Decatur, Wichita Falls, Bowie, Graham, Denison, etc). We are in 90 cities in Texas currently and are in 9 cities a day during the week. We are opening Houston soon and that could offer relocation opportunities to those interested in it. The goal is multiple states opening in the next 3 years on top of that. These goals would require sending people out to train our processes to new locations. We are currently hiring for MAs/RNs/LVNs in your current area to service these clinics. This role requires you to work a different location daily, but we are in the same locations every other week. So, while itxe2x80x99s not the same place every day, you will have a familiar rotation of locations. The locations you would be chosen for are relative to your home zip code. This is how we keep people as close to home as possible. The farther away from home you go, the more the compensation for that day (the time is compensated for, not the miles, so you can still write them off yourself). The events are 11:30 to 7:30pm so you would be showing up at 11:15 and leaving at 7:30pm, which means you are never traveling during peak road times. The requirements are simple. You will take vitals, give injections, chart, and answer questions about the services we provide and injections we offer. We are a cash service, so there is no insurance billing, and we are walk in only so there are no appointments to confirm. You are either treating patients or you have down time. You are welcome to read, do homework, watch Netflix, or anything else so long as the moment someone walks in to be seen you put everything away and give them your full attention. We are a service-based clinic, the patients are our stars, and we expect them to be dazzled with our attention to their needs. Going through the motions here is not something we’re interested in. Pay is done on a 1099. Every other Friday is an 8-hour paid day off. We have paid vacation time and paid holidays. Average take home end of year as a year one MA here is 40k, that is AFTER taxes. This means you will retain the ability to write off mileage, cell phone, as well as other expenses like scrubs etc. The way the pay scale works is you get paid for an 8-hour day if the commute is typical one way. If it reaches 40-79 miles one way you get paid for 9 hours, anything above 80 miles one way and you get paid for 11 hours that day. Most people average about 45 hours of pay per week. Pay days are the 5th (For the 16th- last day of the month) and the 20th (1st to 15th). It is paid via direct deposit and there is no delay on your first paycheck. If you excel you can become a lead. A xe2x80x9cleadxe2x80x9d position makes you the person running the show on site. You carry the equipment, handle the cash, and make delegation decisions. It would be the step before being considered for a regional leadership role. If this interests you, shoot us a message with why you think you are the perfect fit and we will contact you for a time to chat! Hope to hear from you soon! Job Type: Full-time Pay: $750.00 – $875.00 per week Benefits: Employee discount Paid time off Schedule: 8 hour shift Monday to Friday Application Question(s): Why should we choose you? Education: High school or equivalent (Preferred) Experience: in clinic: 2 years (Required) License/Certification: certification or license? (Required) Work Location: On the road

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